Simbah's Dog House  
     We offer great discounts just about every day of the week. We give special prices on services to military, seniors & college students, and more. 1st Puppy or Kitten Wash Free!

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     Our no hassle approach to pet grooming makes it easy! We have therapeutic shower massage heads, hydro-surge bathing, and hands free dryers. And if you don't want to do it, we have on-site groomers.

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     We carry 17 types of organic and therapeutic shampoos. We stock only the best lines of dog food for your pets good health!

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  6We have the tubs set at waist level.
  5We supply the shampoo.
  4We supply the tub.
  3We supply the towels.
  2You supply the Dog or Cat!
  1We Clean Up The Mess!

Simbah's Dog House

Simbah's Dog House